VSCRA Test Race – July 30th

The VSCRA will be running a NPS Test Race event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on July 30th, two weeks prior to the inaugural event at Daytona International Speedway on August 13th. All currently signed up entries are able to compete, and provide feedback to management. To signup for the VSCRA, please visit the “Register” page.

The race will be the full length, 107 laps / 161 mile event. It will be set to afternoon time with a 2x multiplier. There will be a 55% fuel capacity and only an additional 3 sets of tires to the existing set on the car. Fast repairs will not be allowed.

This session to ensure that the foundation we have built is both competitive and strategic to all drivers participating. We look forward to seeing a solid field come out and test with us!

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