The VSCRA was founded in May of 2020 to provide a competitive and near realistic approach to online racing. Starting with a six event superspeedway series the VSCRA has plans to grow into a multi-series, dynamic league featuring many different types of series. 


The Platform

The VSCRA utilizes the iRacing Motorsport Simulation. iRacing has been around since ~2008 and focuses on many different categories of sim racing series'.

The Series

The VSCRA Super Sprint Series is a 6 race series utilizing the Nationwide Impala and Super Late Model in a near alternating fashion.


The VSCRA Super Sprint Series primary focus is for highly competitive, superspeedway racing showcasing patience and incredible movement throughout the event.


The VSCRA will utilize highly competitive fixed setups setups, as well as dynamic weather settings to create a realistic, yet even playing field.